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Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is a world-first Australian innovation – a swing that allows children in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in the park. It is the only swing of its type that is fully lockable and allows a maximum swing height – that is, really swinging, not just rocking back and forth.

Designed for use in both public parks and private facilities such as camps, hospitals, specialist schools and respite centres, the Liberty Swing meets the specific needs of children with disabilities. The recreational and therapeutic benefits of using the Liberty Swing are countless.

It provides an inclusive play opportunity and is intended to be incorporated into traditional play areas. This allows the entire family to go to the park together and all the children, those with or without a disability, can enjoy the facilities some children have been missing out on until now.

A perennial favourite, The Liberty Swing has been proudly manufactured in Australia for the past 25 years and enjoys an exceptional local and international reputation.

The Liberty Swing now comes in 4 new colour palettes.

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