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There’s a Bouldering structure to suit any application and space.

Each structure is fitted with a range of difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced. The difficulty level can be customised, with designs carefully considered to ensure that the structures are safe and compliant with Australian Playground Standards. They also offer a balance of both challenge and variety and are a focal point in any public space.

Bouldering structures were initially conceived to address the need for a public space activity that catered for the teen community across Australia. It was a simple statement to Councils and other community groups: THIS IS FOR OUR OLDER KIDS.

Bouldering structures attract a diverse range of users. From small children to adults. It is not uncommon to see a 5 year old, a 15 year old and a 25 year old all climbing on a Bouldering unit at the same time. We are confident that there is no other piece of Playground equipment capable of offering such inclusion and age diversity.

They are a very important part of any contemporary Playspace.  


Arranged together to form shapes inspired by all things Intergalactic, Balldering encourages the desire to explore to new heights beyond our world. The highly tactile surface on our Balldering structures encourages curiosity.

Designed with younger climbers in mind, Balldering can also be scaled up to completely challenge any primary school grade. Available in standard configurations or totally customisable, the options are endless.

The Balldering range can go anywhere, school play space, parks, indoor, outdoor, undercover.  It can be large or small. It can be the centrepiece of an environment, or fill a small corner with an additional play element.

Available in all the colours of the universe, the options are endless.


Cumulus is a sensory introduction to rock climbing specifically designed for young children.  Clustered together to form a fascinating shape of infinite possibilities, it aims to ignite the imagination through sensory play.

CUMULUS are suited for indoor and outdoor use, large or small configurations. Available in three standard sizes, custom configurations are also available. This cluster of blocks can be made in an endless palette of colours to suit any environment.

Whether you need a statement custom piece as the focal point for your space, or a neat additional feature, Cumulus is the perfect fit.


Cubix is a dynamic and colourful seating range ready to enhance your space.

Select from 6 standard configurations or customise it for your surroundings, the Cubix will make large or small areas come to life.

Available in an array of colours, the Cubix is fun and functional.

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