Fusion Unit gets a makeover !!!!

Strategic Partners Blade Recreation and Industrial by Nature have recently added new activities to the extremely popular Basketball Soccer Combination Fusion unit. The Fusion unit is now available with various new options including a Goalie image fitted to the rear of the Soccer cage, side panel Cricket stumps, side dress panels or targets fitted to the rear of the Soccer cage. All of these new additions are made from hard wearing, high density polyethylene. The Fusion unit now offers a number of activities in one compact combination unit making it the perfect solution for installation in confined multi-sport areas that would otherwise be under- utilised.

The Fusion unit features a traditional Basketball Tower and anti -dunk Ring with a fully enclosed Soccer goal positioned underneath and is fabricated from heavy gauge powder coated steel. Backboard finish is marine ply and decorative panel options are made from high density polyethylene. Units are available in 4 funky standard colour schemes or can be supplied in custom colours to compliment existing Playgrounds, outdoor furniture or sporting goals.